Dry-Tops by Aconabolics LLC

Simplifying the storage of water-sensitive compounds in flasks and vials

Keep your Reactions dry!


Desiccant-filled stoppers for roundbottom and Erlenmeyer Flasks

  • Refill with fresh desiccant and reuse
  • Turn your two-neck RBF into a vacuum desiccator!
  • Dry your reactions without contamination

Keep your Reagents dry!


Desiccant-filled bottle caps for standard reagent bottles

  • Keeps water-sensitive reagents dry
  • Reduces the need for N2 or argon between uses
  • Put reagents in cold storage without flushing!

Keep your Products dry!


Desiccant-filled caps for standard-sized vials

  • Store vials separately (no desiccators)
  • No cross contamination between samples
  • No more Parafilm required!